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A new iPhone application called 'Ugly Meter' can scan the faces and then give an assessment. Not that useful, analysts think even if the application is going to be used by anyone to oppress other people on the internet.

Applications are only worth 99 cents are now available to iPhone users in Apple's iTunes Store. Ugly Meter uses facial recognition software that measures the symmetry of the face and then provide rating and other features. This application has been downloaded more than 20,000 times and is designed for users aged nine years and over.

Ugly Meter snapshot scan your face and give value ranging from one to 10. Similarly, as quoted by, on Wednesday (20/10/2010).

If this application makers reasoned Ugly Meter made just for fun, not so with the criticism posted by observers. Some critics say that the software could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

"This application is in the middle of the line between suitable and unsuitable," said Stephen Balkam, CEO of Family Online Safety Institute in Washington.

"If users are under 25, 26 or 28 years, using this application may be very enjoyable. But if the application is in the hands of a 14/15 year old, probably will produce the opposite effect. For example, when there are friends who upload photos on the internet, they could change it and spread everywhere, "said Balkam.

Dr. Gwenn O'Keeffee, author of 'Cybersafe: Protecting and Empowering Kids in the Digital World of Texting, Gaming and Social Media' to say that theoretically could carry the impact of the application is bad for younger users.

"This application can only destroy children with low self-esteem. There is no good effects from this type of application," added O'Keefee.

Dr O'Keefee said that Apple should remove these applications from their online-store, or at least prohibit the availability to users under age.

Eugene Overline, the head programmer of Dapper Gentlemen, the company that makes these applications, said concern about the misuse of the application is not a good reason.

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