Tiger Beer Kicks Wayne Rooney Out

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Wayne Rooney Caricature

After Coca-Cola, Tiger Beer now that kicks England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney due to his sex scandal with a prostitute.

Already two match day Premier League Sir Alex Ferguson did not play a 24 year old bomber. Finally last night, when the Red Devils held 2-2 by West Bromwich Albion.

The more complete deterioration of Rooney after one alcoholic beverage products which have the slogan 'It's Time for a Tiger' was declared no longer use them as icons.

Reports in London said the Singapore-based beer manufacturer was cut off Rooney's contract of 300 thousand pounds per year.
Now, no more ads The Game Never Ends, starring Rooney showed his ability when Tiger won the last bottle left in the bar.

Previously, Coca-Cola also terminate the former Everton star was of 600 thousand pounds per year. Manufacturers of the world's largest soda was also canceled plans to put a face on the bottle cap Rooney.

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