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A similar fish, catfish is suspected to have been genetically mutated into very large and horrible. This fish is now the object of research scientists in Nepal and India. They worry that the fish had been killed several people after the 'feel' the human body.

This giant catfish, usually called goonch, allegedly grew after a meal of human corpses dumped in the Great Kali River, a river in Nepal-India border, where the fish was caught.

Fish that have been mutated were currently under investigation biologist Jeremy Wade. Wade studied the giant catfish for the event will be aired on television and the Five television stations in the near future.

'The locals told me a theory that this monster has grown unusually large because of eating the bodies burned. Maybe they feel the pleasure of eating human flesh after the remains were "Wade said.

"There may be some catfish that grow bigger than others and if you provide more food, then they would have grown even more" he said.

Initially, Wade thought that buayalah who eat the remains of the corpse. However, the theory that changed after he turned his attention to the goonch, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world.

He then caught one of them is estimated to weigh 55 kg with a length of almost 2 meters. Weight and size can be called a world record because it was much heavier and larger than the fish catfish ever caught before. "If the fish is caught you, you will not get away", he said.

For years, residents along the Great Kali believe there is terrible monster lurking in the river which flows in India-Nepal border is.

Only, they think this monster is always moving along the stream and target the people who bathe in the river was. Last year, 18 years old teenager from Nepal missing after being dragged into the river by something described as 'long pig shaped'.

The first victim was estimated goonch attack was a 17-year-old boy who also came from Nepal. He died after bathing in the river, past April 1988.

Witnesses said they saw the young man as drawn by something strong into the stream. Three months after the incident, a child being dragged into the water, while her father could only look helplessly.

Great Kali Gandaki River is a river located on the border between India and Nepal. Flow is derived from water sources in the Himalayas at an altitude of 3600 mdpl.

The beauty of this river is no doubt. Unfortunately some scary legends about man-eating monsters, haunted villages in this region. Make residents reluctant to bathe or play in the surrounding river.

The first incident that started the vicious terror of being residents of the river took place in April 1988. Nepal as a young man just walked into the river, directly drawn by the "something" and go away.

Three months ago, a boy who was bathing in the River Kali with her father, suddenly were attacked and dragged into the water. The father can only scream and could not do anything.

After that, events like this happen repeatedly until haunts the people who live around the Kali River. Even in recent years, reports about the disappearance of people bathing in the River Kali increases.

Residents upset and started arguing about the kind of creatures that live there. Some people believe there is a collection of crocodiles that live in the stream. However, after investigation, there were no crocodiles living communities in the area.

Finally, in 2007, a young 18-year-old Nepali who was swimming in the river were drawn by a mysterious monster and just disappear from the surface of the water. According to eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident, like the monster form of very large pig.

People's curiosity finally answered when an expert from the British biologist named Jeremy Wade doing research on the Kali River and found a surprising answer.

Wade found that a man-eating monster that turned out to be a kind of giant catfish (Giant Cat Fish) which has undergone changes in the DNA because it is often eaten corpse into the river swept away after the first burned in a traditional funeral ritual community known as the Ritual Bagmati.

"This type of fish is a fish species endemic to this river. However, for tens of years of eating the flesh of dead bodies swept away by the river, these fish are genetically changed to be much larger than actual size.

They become addicted, and began to make human flesh into the main menu. So if there is no longer the funeral rites, this fish became violent and attacked the man, "Wade explained.

In his research, Jeremy Wade also managed to catch a catfish, a predator of human flesh with a 1.8-meter size and weight ranges from 73 pounds.

According to Wade if the size of fish when attacked humans in the water, then very little possibility of his victims to escape. Wade then called the giant catfish with a Goonch Fish.

Jeremy Wade's research trip to investigate when a man-eating catfish in the Kali River in Dakali been documented and will be published early on October 21 later in one of British television station (Channel 5) with the title "Water Monster Human Flesh Eaters".

Predators of the Huadu's Furong

Not only in the Mekong River just have a giant catfish species. Recently in Huadu's Furong Reservoir, China, happening uproar. So far, the year is always just happened a few cases of people drowned and disappeared mysteriously in the reservoir it.

But the mystery was finally fulfilled. The locals managed to catch a giant catfish the size of its body length reaches 3 meters and the width ranges from 1 meter head. Crazy again, when the fish's belly cut, they found "the remains" a man in the fish's body ..

However, because local governments fear this incident will affect the tourism area, they struggled to keep the incident was not published widely. But some tourists could come and capturing images of human predator catfish with their phones.

Some have considered this fish is a fish species or clarius Catfish Waking batrachus (walking catfish). But no one can explain how the size of catfish can be a centimeter so big.

Currently the local community as well as foreign tourists are not allowed to swim in the Huadu's Furong Reservoir. The crowd estimate there are still a type of fish that live in the reservoir was, ready to prey on people who swim in it.

Mekong giant

Mekong River which is one of the main rivers in the world many stores various kinds of giant fish. Mekong River is the longest river in the world's 12th, and 10th largest in volume (475km ³ release of water per year), he filled an area of 795,000 km ² of Tibet it flows through China's Yunnan province, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

All except China and Myanmar into the Mekong River Commission. Because of seasonal variations that are very different in the flow and the existence of "rapid" and waterfalls make navigation very difficult.

According to the researchers, this river is the home of various types of giant freshwater fish. The most famous is the Mekong Giant Cat Fish. Type of giant catfish is indeed living along the Mekong River which flows through several countries in Asia are.

In 2005, a Thai fishermen caught a giant catfish for grizzly bears in the Mekong River. The size of these fish ranged in weight 2.7 Meter reaches 646 pounds.

Indeed catching huge catfish in the Mekong River is not unusual. Have repeatedly local fishermen get huge catfish in the stream. But no one seems to match the size of catfish Thai fishermen caught it.

Not Predators

Unlike the case in Kali River Basin in Nepal and Huadu's Forung in China, there are no reports that the giant catfish in the Mekong River is a human predator.

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), a world body that moves in the field of conservation of natural resources has been storing and entering the data being a giant catfish from the Mekong River as a kind of rare animals and water to extinction.

Type of giant catfish, also has attracted the attention of the WWF (Worl Wildlife Fund) and the National Geografic Society. Both these organizations are jointly planning the protection of fish species.

It's frightening to imagine the existence of giants freshwater predators such human flesh. We are now certainly going to be wary when swimming in rivers and freshwater lakes.

But the question is how they can be cannibals and eat humans hooked. Are they annoying people, or even people who disturb their habitat ..?

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