Wu Xiaoyan - Fibrous Dysplasia Disease "Made" Her Face Covered by Bump

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A 23-year-old Chinese woman Wu Xiaoyan has a severe facial deformity due to Fibrous Dysplasia disease. Her tumour makes her looks like a frog or hippopotamus and even the character in 3D movie Avatar!

According to the doctor, she cannot breathe through her nose or smell and can no longer see properly. She is very brave and doesn’t complain but is in a lot of pain despite the medication.So, doctors have decided to start the operation now and is expected to last around 20 hours. However, the parents of this young Chinese women dubbed “Avatar girl” have appealed for help for the operation, which costs £20,000.

All the family members are farmers and only earning slightly more than £100 a month income each. In addition her mother has been incapacitated after a stroke and the father is struggling to look after her and continue to make a living. Her parents have already spent £10,000 on treatment and cannot afford the extra £20,000 for the surgery.

If you wish to help this poor Chinese girl, donations can be made via this website: www.journalismwithoutborders.com.

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