Eye-Catching Advertisement Company Should Learn About

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Advertisement for World Cup, sports brand.

Milk Advertisement. “Drink the milk, then you will become a superman.”

Deodorant spray Advertisement. “Use it everyday.”

Shampoo Advertisement. “Get strong Hair.”

Insurance Advertisement. “Get insurance for your car.”

Vodafone Advertisement.

TV channel Adevertisement. This is the smallest ad among the others.

Game Advertisement.

Fan Advertisement. “Powerful fan shakes the building.”

Advertisement for a Gym.

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Bruce said...

Some concepts in this blog post could have been better as a TV advertisement, specifically the one about the fan and the building. Companies that are capable of transforming a concept into an advertisement meant for TV must specialize in video production. Vancouver, BC, Canada hosts a lot of companies that are capable of transforming such concepts into a TV advertisement.

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