Fake iPhone 5 With Low-Price - Only $108

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China is a country fertile in producing counterfeit electronic products from famous brands. Starting from Apple, Samsung to HTC. Copyright protection is not accompanied by economic independently so the bamboo curtain that is not afraid to embargoed deliberately used by the vendor to act naughty.
Some time ago, a fake Apple store is closed, but surely there are many shops and other rogue vendors who are still in action.

Evidently, an "iPhone 5" comes cheap, even it's fame has been into the. From the picture you can see for yourself there is the apple logo that clearly violates copyright. And what about the features and specifications of this Chinese iPhone 5? iPhone 5 knock-off is equipped with Wi-Fi and dual-camera, LED flash. On memory side, it provides 64MB storage capacity. The thickness of iPhone 5 made in China is 7mm. Well, what about the OS? One thing that most can not be falsified is Apple's IOS. Apparently the "iPhone" has OS specs is Java, quality is now caught. There is also features MP3/MP4 playback.
Price is quite cheap, even the price is relatively very cheap, at only $ 108 or about 699 yuan. Is this fake iPhone 5 products already entered into Indonesia or not I do not know.Where a place to sell and buy it no matter how I do not know. I only give information about specifications, features and price of the iPhone 5 knock-off made.That's it. For business purchases, please search out there.

Compare with the real one:
The real iPhone 5 is expected to launch with expected features like a dual-core A5 processor, double the RAM and a higher megapixel camera on the back. Its release date isn’t very clear at the moment because of conflicting reports from different media outlets.

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