Celebrity Extreme Close-Ups

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No matter how much you love or hate these celebrities, you never want to see them this close up, believe me.

Some of the images in this gallery will give you a good laugh, others are the stuff nightmares are made of (Iggy Pop). Check out the rest of the gallery at the link below.

Katy Perry

Zooey Deschanel

Adriana Lima

Jennifer Aniston

Taylor Momsen

Katy Perry

Kirstie Alley

Sarah Palin

Jada Pinkett

Robert Pattinson

Victoria Beckham

Tom Cruise

Jennifer Lopez

Rose McGowan

Scarlett Johansson

Meg Ryan

Tilda Swinton

Bradley Cooper

Kristen Stewart

Kate Winslet

Adam Sandler

Mickey Rourke

Gemma Ward

Ann Coulter

Patti Stanger

Kris Humphries

Hilary Duff

Jessica Alba

Donatella Versace

Reese Witherspoon

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mila Kunis

Ralph Fiennes

Angelina Jolie

Pamela Anderson

Paz de la Huerta

Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher

Emma Watson

Blake Lively

George Clooney

Ryan Gosling


Katy Perry

P. Diddy

Pauly D

Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber

Jenny McCarthy


Natalie Portman

Clint Eastwood

Kim Kardashian

Christina Aguilera

Tori Spelling

Avril Lavigne


Graham Crackers

Paris Hilton

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Iggy Pop

Goldie Hawn

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