50 Hollywood Celebrities on The Simpsons

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Larry King

Dr. Phil


Ken Griffey Jr.

John Waters

Conan O'Brien

Ringo Starr

Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger


Tom Brady

Jerry Springer

Kiefer Sutherland

Randy Johnson

Elton John

Britney Spears

Mark Hamill

Leonard Nimoy

Mike Tyson

Adam West

Dennis Leary

Weird Al Yankovic

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson

Mickey Rooney

James Brown

Bob Hope

James Caan

Stan Lee

Kirk Douglas

Better Midler

George Carlin

Michell Kwan


Michelle Pfieffer

James Woods

Joe Namath

Lionel RIchie


Mel Gibson

Michale Imperioli


Donald Sutherland

50 Cent

Mel Brooks

Lily Tomlin

Ray Ramano

Andy Dick

Mandy Moore

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