Justin Bieber Facebook Got Banned!

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The fame of pop star Justin Bieber bring this man's bad luck in life. Incidentally, he was born named exactly the same as Justin Bieber.

The difference is if a very popular one, Justin Bieber that this is an ordinary citizen. He lives in Jacksonville, United States. Bieber recently expelled from membership up just like that.

Without any confirmation, Bieber suddenly saw her profile no. According to Bieber, party up accidentally deleting their profile because they think he was wearing a fake name and fame Bieber abuse.

"They have a policy to delete the account without asking first," complained Bieber, like detikINET quotes from FoxNews, Friday (10/08/2010). Bieber has been trying to contact up to restore the profile, but no response.

Got exactly the same name made famous star Bieber 35-year-old is also often invaded by a letter from a fan. He was mistaken for Justin Bieber, the singer's top.

Not this time only the case name is removed from the membership to make someone up. Previously, someone named Caitlin Batman Shaw also declined from up because they are misusing the name of superhero characters Batman.


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dancilhoney said...

Facebook are not careful when choosing who to banned to!! Thankful there proxies for
facebook blocked

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