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A woman in the UK is reportedly suing supermarket giant Asda after she allegedly found a frog in a bottle of wine purchased at one of its stores. Isolde Beesley of Leicestershire said the small frog fell out of a bottle of Moscatel de Valencia Spanish wine as she poured a glass at a family celebration.

She claims to have suffered from stomach pains ever since the incident, which occurred on December 26th 2009, and as such is pursuing a claim for compensation, reports Decanter magazine.

At the time, Asda removed the wine from its shelves while it conducted an investigation. Ms Beesley’s lawyer, Michael Connor of TPS Solicitors, said that Asda was ‘under a duty by virtue of the Sale of Goods Act to make sure the wine was fit to drink’. He added that the fact the wine apparently contained a dead frog clearly made it unfit for consumption.

Source: decanter

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