XOS 2 - Iron Man Comes to Reality Soon Adopted In US Military Action

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The XOS 2 is the latest version of Sarcos’ exo-skeleton system. Sarcos has been working with automation for years (including the fountain at the Bellagio), and the XOS2 uses hydraulics to enable a wearer to lift massive amounts of weight without feeling the strain. More importantly, the person wearing the suit can lift these weights repetitively without feeling the strain. The XOS 2 has a quite impressive 17:1 lifting ratio, so when the person wearing the suit lifts 170 pounds, they only need to exert enough force to lift 10 pounds.

The XOS 2 comes in a couple of different variations, including a combat version, and a logistics version. The combat variation is not a weapons platform (as some might think), but rather an untethered design using just the legs. The combat variation’s purpose is to enable a soldier to carry a heavier load over greater distances without fatigue. Currently, the modern soldier carries a pack that weighs anywhere between 150-170 pounds, and any type of long distance travel on foot results in serious fatigue. Using the XOS 2, that same soldier would be able to that same 170 pounds, but it would feel like a mere 10 pounds.


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