25 Most Famous Facebook Games - Most Playing Facebook Games

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Top 25 Most Playing Facebook Games.

  1. Most Famous Facebook Games : FarmVille
    FarmVille is a flash game having landscapes and cute characters. It is extremely innovative and comes with an attractive and fascinating interface.


  2. Most Famous Facebook Games : Word Challenge

    Created by Playfish, this games is here to test both your vocabulary and your thinking speed. You are giving 6 random characters, and you have to make a 3-6 letter word within limited time.

    word challenge

  3. Most Famous Facebook Games : Texas Holdem Poker
    It is another game by Zynga and it also is a very popular mini game on Facebook.

    facebook texas holdem poker

  4. Most Famous Facebook Games : Cafe World

    Cafe World is a classic restaurant theme on Facebook developed by Zynga where the player has to run a restaurant with his close friends.

    cafe world

  5. Most Famous Facebook Games : Treasure Isle

    If you like adventure, Treasure Isle is the ideal game for you! In this gameplay you can hunt for treasure by choosing the character in the game.

    treasure isle

  6. Most Famous Facebook Games : Mafia Wars
    Mafia Wars is a Facebook game which is all about Mafia creation. You can play this game with your Facebook friends.

    mafia wars

  7. Most Famous Facebook Games : Pet Ville

    In Pet Ville Facebook game the player can create his own character, choose a name for his pet and give it a home. The game is also designed by Zynga.


  8. Most Famous Facebook Games : Happy Aquarium
    Happy Aquarium is known as the biggest fish game on Facebook. It has over 28 million players who have made this game so popular.

    happy aquarium

  9. Most Famous Facebook Games : Fish Ville
    Fishville is another very interesting Facebook aquarium game released by Zynga. As per the rules of the game, various types of fishes can be raised in a virtual fish tank.

    file ville

  10. Most Famous Facebook Games : Pet Society
    It is a very interesting game where you can create your virtual pet and raise it. These pets are more like humans and they can go fishing or do shopping.

    pet society

  11. Most Famous Facebook Games : Zoo World
    Zoo World is a wonderful game where you can make a zoo and see it growing. If you can have more number of neighbors, you can earn a lot of dollars and improve the zoo.

    zoo world

  12. Most Famous Facebook Games : Restaurant City

    For restaurant city, you will have to decorate a restaurant and then run it. You will have to satisfy the customers who walk in to the restaurant and leave satisfied.

    restaurant city

  13. Most Famous Facebook Games : MindJolt Games
    It is not only a game, but a library also that can grow for ever. You can have a wonderful pass time by playing this game.

    mindjolt games 25 Highly Addictive Facebook Games

  14. Most Famous Facebook Games : Hotel City
    Hotel City is an interesting game from Playfish. This game is a mixer of old Sim Tower and the Restaurant city. In this game you can move around and get a more intense view of the hotel.

    hotel city

  15. Most Famous Facebook Games : Social City

    In this game, one can make houses and increase population. You can create leisure buildings and keep them happy. There is also an option of building factories and you can earn game coins by producing goods.

    social city

  16. Most Famous Facebook Games : YoVille

    It is a wonderful 2D game where the Facebook users are able to work, play and chat in an animated world. One can decorate his home or adopt a pet virtually.


  17. Most Famous Facebook Games : Happy Island
    This game is on Vacation Island that players need to build themselves. He is allowed to decorate and build the attractions to generate income.

    happy island

  18. Most Famous Facebook Games : Bejeweled Blitz
    It is a regular puzzle game on Facebook developed by Pop Cap and anybody can play this on his home PC.

    bejeweled blitz

  19. Most Famous Facebook Games : Country Life

    Country Life is another type of farming game which is very different from Farm Ville. Here crops that a player harvests can be harvest for sale.

    country life

  20. Most Famous Facebook Games : Farm Town

    Here the player acquires experience points while harvesting the field. These points will help him to unlock things he wants to purchase including seeds and animals.

    farm town

  21. Most Famous Facebook Games : Happy pets
    This game is all about taking care of the pets. Here the player will have to treat his pets by feeding, cleaning up or playing with them as if they are real ones.

    happy pets

  22. Most Famous Facebook Games : Island Paradise
    This Facebook game is developed by Meteor Games. In the game play the player arrives on on a isolated island where he will have to grow crops, find treasure and meet with his neighbors.

    island paradise

  23. Most Famous Facebook Games : Tiki Resort
    In Tiki Resort game a player creates a flourishing tourist economy on a small place cutting out a part from the ocean.

    tiki resort

  24. Most Famous Facebook Games : Bumper Sticker
    Using any program like Adobe Photoshop which can edit images one can create an image that can be turned into a Facebook Bumper Sticker.

    bumper sticker

  25. Most Famous Facebook Games : Bubble Island
    This exciting puzzle game is based on a very popular arcade model which has been modified for social gaming purpose. Here a user shoots bubble-cannon which explode bubbles of similar colors to step forward through various stages.

    bubble island

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