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When you are a multibillionaire daughter, hollywood star and you have an attraction for fancy and expensive stuff what do you do…???

You buy one of the most expensive car in the world…of course. And if you are the top model and owner of one of the most stylish clothing company in the world, what do you add to your expensive car??

Check Paris's New Pink Bentley..!!!

why would anyone want to turns their bentley into a pink colour???


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Tari said...

Even guys would definitely envy her Bentley. :) Despite being pink and girly, it's still a catch in terms of performance. I wonder how much she spent to upgrade her car.

Tari Ledsome

Ellsworth said...

Paris Hilton's Bentley looks great! I bet a lot of guys are jealous of her personalized car. Well, what can you expect from Paris? She is a very glamorous person - her car is proof of that. But what makes her different is that she carries her glamour with grace and style.

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Nicole said...

I love the introduction. Haha! This pink Bentley is absolutely stunning and, without a doubt, one of a kind! And to tell you honestly, this is one of the main reasons why I love watching her hit TV show, “The World According to Paris.” Paris Hilton never fails to surprise her audiences.

Nicole Vickers

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