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Metro reports that Wang Xianjun of the Linshui County, Sichuan province, China, allegedly eats light bulbs. The 54-year-old man has allegedly eaten approximately 1,500 bulbs since the age of 12.

According to Wang Xianjun he started eating light bulbs when he accidentally swallowed a large piece of fish bone. When nothing happened, he then curiously tried eating several pieces of broken glasses and nothing happened either. As he took a liking to eating light bulbs, he has not stopped since.

Wang Xianjun says he only eats one light bulb each day - for breakfast.
I believe Wang Xianjun is suffering from pica syndrome, a psychological disorder that causes an appetite for plastic, soil, coal, glass, metal, paper, or other similar items.

Research shows that 25% of people with psychiatric disorder were found to have pica.


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