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Steve Jobs recently posted a very long letter to the internet justifying Apple’s decision to abandon Flash on their devices and promoting HTML5 instead. He did accept that Apple’s devices would be unable to play Flash games though he was not too worried about it; he added that the App Store has many free games which would substitute the online Flash games available. This is no consolation to fans of exsting online Flash games. Take today’s news for instance:

But first, a little background information: Gaiki is a revolutionary online gaming service which lets its users play numerous games within our web browsers. Gaiki is led by David Perry and uses server side streaming technologies to enable in-browser gaming. For Gaiki to function on desktop computers, Flash must also be present.

Just recently David has posted a picture of the World’s most popular video game, World of Worldcraft, being streamed to the iPad. His post can be found here.

He does not provide details as to how he achieved this, or whether he is actually playing the game on the iPad or simply streaming a video. If he was playing, it would be interesting to see how he manipulated Gaiki and server side streaming in order to make the game available on iPad because there is no Flash present on the device. Otherwise, game enthusiasts who use Gaiki have little hope of Gaiki or any other Flash-requiring games porting over to the iPad anytime soon.


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