Igor Vovkovinskiy Now Beating George Bell for America's Tallest Man

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Igor Vovkovinskiy, the 27-year-old Minnesota resident is now officially the tallest man in America, according to Guinness World Records.

Igor is 7 feet, 8 1/3 inches tall -- beating George Bell, the 7'8" deputy sheriff from Norfolk, Virginia.

Vovkovinskiy was raised in the Ukraine, but moved to Minnesota, USA when doctors at the Mayo Clinic attempted to remove the pituitary gland tumor that they believe is responsible for his great height. The surgery failed, and Vovkovinskiy kept growing.

Now, the new tallest man in America wears 24 10-E shoes, one size bigger than Bell's big boots. He lives in a house with cathedral-style ceilings, and sleeps in a 9-foot-long bed.

The Tallest Man in America

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