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Still remember the boys are addicted to smoking in Java? It appeared in Sungaililin, Musibanyu Asin, there is also a toddlers (infants under three years old) who had a similar thing in common. Ardi 2.5-year-old could spend this day four packs of cigarettes Surya 16 or Sampoerna A Mild.

The information collected by reporters at the residence of Ardi, Teluk Kemang Village River Village River District Candles Candles Muba District, Sunday (9 / 5), son of the couple Rizal (28) and Diana (25) was already considered a cigarette as his daily food. If a day does not smoke would Ardi cranky and crying endlessly.

If it cries, a parent provides direct Ardi a cigarette and then turn it to be consumed Ardi. Ardi style precisely adults smoke cigarettes. Smoke while holding a cigarette and play-mutarkan in his little finger. Ardi could remove the smoke from the nose and mouth like adult smokers.

According to Rizal Ardi smoking habit has been started since the age of 1.5 years. At that time so the child feels dizzy Rizal who was smoking and then give it to son was. Dikonsumsipun expensive cigarettes are the type of Surya and Sampoerna A Mild 16 so that Rizal had to spend a day at least USD 50 thousand to buy cigarettes.

"Ardi difficult to eat, he smokes more like an adult," said Rizal.

Although spelled fat bodied but Ardi agile and can run like a child his age. Ardi habit is considered normal by Rizal and Diana, the couple also feeling worried about the health Ardi. Except, this habit of damning the family economy. Rizal everyday just to sell fish at the market Sungaililin.

"We have no plans to stop it because it was his habit of damning fact of our revenues are barely adequate to meet the needs of Ardi smoking," said Rizal who admitted to not worry about sick children at risk of lung and heart disease from smoking.

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