Yang Huiyan - Young and Beautiful Now Second Richest in Asia

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young and beautiful woman in asia

Could be, The Huiyan (28 years) is the successor to the throne candidate Carlos Slim Helu (70 years), as the richest man in the world!

Huiyan, this beautiful beautiful young lady, is the owner and leader of Country Garden Holdings Co. - One company's top property developers in China. According to Forbes (financial magazine from the U.S.) in March 2010, the total wealth Huiyan reached 3.4 billion U.S. dollars. Wealth increased compared to last year (2.3 billion U.S. dollars), although still far below her property in 2007 (16.2 billion U.S. dollars) when she became the richest woman in China.

Still according to Forbes, there Huiyan now ranked 277, in the 1000 list of richest people in the world.

A little flashback, Huiyan was born in 1981 in Guangdong Province. Her father named Yang Guoqiang. Initially, Yang was a poor construction worker and farmer. Then, he turned into a brick entrepreneurs. Then, with some of his business, buying land and real estate company formed in 1997. Little by little, the company grew.

Well, Huiyan indeed prepared to become the successor of her father's property business. Since adolescence, she was often asked to become assistant to her father in a board meeting. Subsequently, she attended marketing and logistics at Ohio State University, USA. After graduating from college (2003), Huiyan immediately went home and immediately joined her father's company. She was in charge of managing and developing the company's logistics business.

In 2004, her father fell ill and had to get medical care. Since then, Huiyan start learning to control the company.

Shortly thereafter, the prize Huiyan transfer 58 percent of Country Garden Holdings Co. shares. from her father. Transfers take place when the company her father had committed an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong stock exchange. The value of these shares soared to 35 percent and as a result, overnight the name of Yang Huiyan listed as one of the richest women in China and Asia. Her name is famous throughout the country and the world.

Have the status of "the rich" at a young age, does not make Huiyan lazy. Instead she worked harder. Companies asked to focus on building villas, shop, and large apartments. Location of development not only in Guangdong, but in other provinces such as Hubei. Not only that, Huiyan also bring a team of experts from the State Uncle Sam for both business and learning.

Huiyan had swallowed a "bitter pill" when the economic crisis erupted in 2008. The value of company stock as a free fall. However, she never gave up and immediately got up from the downturn.

Late last month, Country Garden Holdings Co. is proud to announce an increase in net income 51 percent to 305 million dollars! Previously (last year), Country Garden also announced that their sales contracts have increased 32 percent to 23.2 billion yuan. This far exceeds the target of 19 billion yuan. Incredible!

May the spirit and tenacity Yang Huiyan can be an inspiration to us all, especially for women and young entrepreneurs.

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