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The Most Cheapest Car in the World will be on sale world cheapest carthis year. The World Cheapest one Passenger Car made by Chinese is coming soon. Developed by Volkswagen (VW) which is an automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg - Germany. Volkswagen was originally founded in 1937. Volkswagen Group China (VGC) (大众汽车中国) is a fully owned subsidiary of German Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG) in the People's Republic of China (PRC). The information is still thin on the ground, but it is expected that VAG are going to build a new factory in Guangzhou-PRC, which will produce around 200,000 vehicles per year, thus make it the fifth China plant after Nanjing, Shanghai, Changchun and Chengdu plants.

Due to the economic conditions last year the plan was delayed until this year (2010). The VAG group currently stands for around 18-20% of the Chinese market, however in the Southern provinces they have lower market share (10%) than Japanese brands that are dominating the region.
Tipically Southern car buyers are younger than the Northern province, and the lack of a cheapest car that attracts young professional buyers is a big opportunity for VAG.
The biggest competitors in China is General Motors (GM) that successfully launched the Chevrolet Spark and Sail which is popular among young buyers. But VW was unsuccessful with its Mark2 Jetta type.

This will beat all the low fuel consumption cars in the world, even for TATA Nano which was launched on March 2009 (26 km/litres on highway)
The NEW CAR for World Cheapest VW Car in China is sell for $600 each, with just a Single Seat only. A new ride sensation inside a compactful car.
If you could go to Shanghai for a vacation and buy two or more of these cars, have them shipped to Canada, it is still spend less money than if you bought a car in Canada. Getting the car into USA is still an ordeal.
This is real car and not a toy, not a concept car. It is a newly developed single seat car in highly aerodynamic tear drop shaped car. It is ready to be launched as a single-seater for sale in Shanghai in mid 2010 for a mere RMB 4,000 or US$600 each one.

I heard it will cruise at 100-120 Km/Hr with an unbelievable 0.99 litre/100Km (258 miles/gallon). So Impressive. Read all the details below about the hi-tech spec into this car.

Single seated car
From conception to production takes 3 years and the company is headquartered in Wolfsburg - Germany.
Initial Price/unit : 4000 yuan, equivalent to US$600
Gas tank capacity = 1.7 gallons equivalent 6.43 litres
Cruise Speed = 62 - 74.6 Miles/hour (99-120 km/h) Amazing!
Fuel efficiency = 258 miles/gallon = 415.2 km/gallon = 64.57 km/litre
Travel distance with a full tank = 404 miles = 650 km
Engine & Weight NA.
I thought the best part of lowest consumption gas is the tear drop shaped that help reduce the wind resistance and very low height design (could beat the F1 car...LOL)
Details car view below.

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