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Here, you can find, two unique motorcycle which have cool design. One likes Black Panther, other likes Red Bull.

Black Panther

Red Bull

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Ginny Hollinger said...

That’s a badass Red Bull motorcycle! Man, if I was driving one of those, I would have been branded the leader of our motorcycle club by other people, even if I’m not! Something like that would really cost a lot, but it’s just so awesome!

Ginny Hollinger

Clare Westby said...

Right Ginny! While I really like the Black Panther bike, myself. It does look a little bit expensive. First is because it come in black. Secondly, because it has a smooth metal finish. If you drive any of the two, I'm sure you'll look so intimidating!

Clare Westby

Ginny Hollinger said...

Those are great concept bikes! I admire how the paint job was topped off with smooth finish! That's pretty tough, but the guys who made those are tougher.

Ginny Hollinger

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