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Turn Old Mercedez Into "Brand New" Rolls Royce.
Using his master-tuner skills, the young Ruslan Moukanov, from Kazakhstan, managed to transform his old Mercedes into a shiny Rolls Royce Phantom. He built the car-kit himself and managed to get his hands on the needed parts. If you don’t count the time and effort involved, this Rolls Royce Phantom cost just 3,000 euros to make. And it looks amazing!

Dude Builds His Own Rolls Royce Phantom

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Sara Anthony said...

That's so clever! Most people wouldn't even recognize the true identity of the car because it looks so real! I like how the doors open up, which is one thing that I love about the Rolls Royce.

Sara Anthony

Carry said...

When I saw these pics, I suddenly remembered the MTV show “Pimp My Ride”. :)) You really couldn’t imagine in the first place that a car like this has still a chance until it has been restored! A car in poor condition only needs a little customization and a little love. And the result? WOW! Superbly done!

Carry Demaggio

Erwin Calverley said...

I agree with you, Carry. There are times when you really think that your old car doesn’t have a chance anymore, but in some cases, experts in customizing cars can really transform your car to a newer and better version, way beyond what you could really imagine. ;)

Erwin Calverley

unitedrestorations12 said...

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