UFC Result : Cain velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos December 29th 2012

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A lot of sports fans are all too familiar with heavyweights Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, or at least as familiar as you can be after just 64 seconds. That's how long it took dos Santos to dethrone Velasquez and claim possession of the UFC's heavyweight championship. Here's the result of the fight between Cain velasquez vs. Dos Santos December 29th 2012.Cain velasquez overcame Junior Dos Santos at round 5th..

For Cain Velasquez, revenge was a dish served cold. One year after suffering a 64-second knockout loss at the hands of Junior dos Santos, Velasquez decided to spread out his vengeance, going all 25 minutes in a surprisingly one-sided romp over his rival at UFC 155. Cain velasquez win and Junior Dos Santos lose on December 29th 2012

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