Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in Beijing, China

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China's first Hello Kitty theme restaurant was launched in the capital. Expectedly, it's all pink and sweet inside the restaurant, authorized by the Japanese parent company Sanrio. The tablecloth is pink, as are the chairs, ceiling and floor, even the lamp light shines soft and rosy. Waiters are in white shirts with a red bow and blue rompers, while waitresses wear pink dresses.

Dining at Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant, which opened on Dec 23 at Sanlitun Village shopping zone in Beijing, costs 160 yuan ($25) on average per person. Sanlitun Village is regarded as one of the city's most charming areas, lined with bars and international brand-name stores.


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Luizze Oliveira said...

Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant has unique style interior where children can enjoy. Here, cook's and all staff have same dress code with kitty's image.

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