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Out of 255 members at the Local Youth Council in Allar, 12 boys and girls were elected to work as members of the municipality and Bashaer Othman was elected to become the mayor for 2 months. Bashaer Othman received the title as the youngest mayor at 16 years old (Age at appointment when she was 15 years old). She is also entitled The Worlds Youngest Major Award "from the World Peace Movement (WPM).Othman, a usual contender in poetry and reading competitions in her town, thinks youth can start by reading. “The library has been sitting there for years. The books are old and no one wants to go there.” Bashaer Othman has all the support she needs from Allar’s regular mayor, Sufian Shadid, who handed the power to her for two months The youngster says she meets with the mayor everyday for an hour and they go over the projects she is working on.

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