Whitney Cummings : Very Cute Comedian

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They brainwash women. They make us believe in like, fate and destiny. Fate and Destiny are the names of strippers, okay ladies? They don’t really exist.
Whitney Cummings on romantic comedies
Whitney with Chris D'Elia on Whitney (Cummings writes the show)

Whitney Cummings will be playing Whitney on NBC's Thursday night TV this fall..aka WHITNEY.

You cannot defeat a woman in an argument, right. It has never happened because women never express the emotions they are actually feeling. When we are pissed off at you guys what do we say? ‘I’m fine.’ I’m fine means I’m about to stab you in the neck.-Whitney Cummings

Does she have what it takes? Lets, see...She's been on Comedy TV, WHY MEN GO GAY IN L.A., Live Nude Comedy. And movies, too...Made of Honor, Grizzly Park and soon to be in...Frankie Go Boom.

"If porn was made for women it would be two hours of snuggling then, at the end the guy would propose."

Was named one of Variety's Top Ten Comics to Watch in 2007.

The first female comedian to perform in Dubai and Beirut.

If you get breast implants you’re just going to attract the wrong kind of guy. Every guy in an Ed Hardy shirt is going to want to talk to you. Is that what you want?
Whitney Cummings

And a college grad from Pennsylvania. She's from Washington D.C.


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