Celebs and Disney Doppelgangers

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It's funny to think that some of our favorite Disney characters aren't real people but instead are just animations. Still, many are so lifelike that we can see them in our favorite celebs. So in honor of the new animated movie "Tangled"

we've rounded up some of our favorite Disney doppelgangers. It is a small world, after all.

Taylor Swift and Rapunzel
Mandy Moore and Rapunzel may have the same voice, but we think Taylor and Rapunzel share more of the same physical characteristics. Check their flowy blond
hair, sparkling eyes and pert little noses for proof. Besides, isn't it Swifty's life's purpose to be rescued from a tower by a dashing man?
Nicole Scherzinger and Esmeralda
Just like Esmeralda from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Nicole knows how to shake her thang. But that's not all these two have in common: They share the same dark complexion, black hair and almond-shaped eyes. Oh yeah, and their penchant for wearing skin-baring
Justin Bieber and Simba
From their toothy grins to their golden manes, Bieber and Simba both have that gosh-darn cute thing down pat. Add in the fact that they're each kings of their respective jungles and it's obvious that Biebs is Simba's brother from another mother.
Hilary Duff and Tinker Bell
Once upon a time, Hilary was a Disney princess, but those days are long gone. Now she just looks like Peter Pan's faithful fairy friend. We might not have noticed their striking resemblance, but Hilary's high bun and green dress at this year's Teen Choice Awards illuminated her
likeness to the pixie.
LaToya Jackson and Yzma
Years and years of plastic surgery have left LaToya looking rather, well, plastic surgery-y. But here's at least one upside: If "The Emperor's New Groove" ever gets a live-action version, she'd be a shoe-in to play the franchise's main villain, eccentric and power-hungry
Yzma. One look at their noses, and you'll agree.
Emile Hirsch and Peter Pan
Emile dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween 2009, and while his facial hair was definitely a bit too mature for the boy who wouldn't grow up, he otherwise looked pretty spot-on. Who knew that Emile had the same face shape and smirk as Pan? If only he had his ability to fly ….
Ellen Page and Penny
While Miley Cyrus voiced Penny in "Bolt," she looked nothing like her animated alter ego. Instead, we'd say Ellen Page bares a much more striking resemblance to the tomboyish character. They have the exact same brown hair, small nose, big brown eyes and freckles. In
fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the animator was up watching "Juno" the night before his final sketches were due.
Seth Rogen and Baloo
Seth is just a big lug that you just wanted to squeeze, just like Baloo, the sloth bear in "The Jungle Book." Sure, Seth's lost a bit of his chub for "The Green Hornet," but he's still Baloo-like: funny, lovable and, of course, hairy.
Tom Brady and John Smith
Not many guys can rock a flowy mane of hair, but not many men are John Smith of "Pocahontas" and Tom Brady. Both are very rugged, manly men, and both are damn fine. Heck, we could totally picture John throwing the pigskin around on the first Thanksgiving … you know,
had it been invented yet.
Katy Perry and Minnie Mouse
Always perfectly coiffed and dressed for the occasion, Katy and Minnie have a lot in common. But the comparisons don't end there: They both have big eyes, long eyelashes (probably falsies, but still) and dark hair (or rather, ears). We just hope Katy Purry doesn't get
jealous …
Antoine Dodson and Goofy
Antoine doesn't just act goofy; he is Goofy! His skinny physique matches that of Mickey's best friend, plus his long, straight hair could totally pass for Goofy's ears. But it's not a bad thing: Everybody loves Goofy, and everybody loves Antoine!

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