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This fantastic Joc House in Johannesburg, South Africa, designed by Nico Van der Meulen architects. This vast and luxurious spa homes consists of 2 floor residence features a stunning open entrance layout that makes the inside spaces seem like outdoor spaces or terraces.

The inside pool, prolonged outside, contributes to this impression, as does the stunning 2 story height living room. The choice of materials is minimalist to brutalist, with marble and strip stone on the inside and a gigantic, very arguable freestanding concrete frame the size of the whole structure, on the front terrace and attached to the residence by 2 beams.

Aside from looking massive and even science-fiction-utopia/dystopia-like, this kind of concrete frame is the architects’ trademark. The wicked luxury den includes a few pools and bar-like kitchens, and, while it may lack in personality, modesty, spatial conflict, it does include splendid fireplaces and amazing interior landscaping.


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Luizze Oliveira said...

These pictures are looking amazing. People can get best experience in this type of Spa. It's amazing view and peaceful atmosphere is perfect for relaxation as well as here people can get all this things what people.

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HAMEED khan said...

This INFORMATION is so nice so sweet,
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