Herbert Chavez Commited Plastic Surgery To Have Superman Look

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Herbert Chavez, a 35-year old Filipino pageant trainer, has since 1995 undergone a whole host of surgeries to make him more closely resemble the Superman - Man of Steel. According to a news report from ABS-CBN News out of the Philippines, he has admitted to a nose job, chin augmentation for that iconic cleft, silicone lip injections and, of course, thigh implants.

The news report speculates that he has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which makes him compulsively undergo plastic surgery. Whether or not that's true, he is clearly obsessed with the man of steel; a peek inside his home reveals a shrine to the hero, with everything from bedding to wall decorations to actual, larger than life statues of the hero taking up an entire room.

The video is pretty ridiculous. The best part may be when it zooms in on every “surgically enhanced” part of his body step by step (chin, nose, cheeks) before pausing on his crotch just long enough for the viewer to think “Waaaaaaait.” They then quickly zoom in on his thigh.


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rhealyn said...

i have nothing against cosmetic surgery, BUT what the guy did is beyond my understanding. This is like putting your other self in the coffin. Does he undergo surgeries like chin augmentation (obvious), nose, eyelid, face life, hair transplant surgery and among others? huh? cool!

Marian Smith said...

He is a superman, a super man. He endures all the pain to attain the image he wanted. :D It seems cosmetic surgery in the Philippines doing great.

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