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Aimee Mullins, if looked from face to the abdomen, maybe people will not know if this is a beautiful looking woman who was a physical disability. Fashionable appearance, cheerful smile, an energetic character does not imply a deficiency in his body.
But the fact is, this woman which had a leg stump because of bone abnormalities that caused her to have to give up his leg amputated. But all the limitations do not restrict himself to be normal in daily activities, Aimee even beyond people's minds about him. With no normal foot race he could run away with the normal-footed runners, even following the championship run in the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta. The most fabulous again is that he worked at the Pentagon, U.S. defense agencies. In addition, Aimee Mullins was born in Pennsylvania in 1975juga be a model. Now, she has a fake leg that help themselves more effectively in the activity.

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