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What are the real effects of dig­i­tal gam­ing to our fin­gers, hands, and bod­ies?
The con­for­mity of inter­faces pro­duces defor­mity. It’s a fact. Call it “the real­ity of the vir­tual”. Pro­longed vic­ar­i­ous aggres­sion lead to per­ma­nent phys­i­cal dis­fig­u­ra­tion. Gam­ing activ­i­ties pro­duce real con­se­quences for the users.

Research has been con­ducted for years in sev­eral clin­i­cal lab­o­ra­to­ries across the globe but doc­tors and researchers are not will­ing to share their find­ings with the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion. How­ever, evi­dence of new technologically-​​induced dis­eases is now becom­ing known out­side of the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity. These patholo­gies — labeled col­lec­tively “Game arthri­tis” — are offi­cially not “recognized”.

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gamaza said...

It is really funny. Thanks for adding this game. I think that It would be nice that most of sites have this.

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