Ah Long - Six Year Old HIV Boy Rejected By Environment in China

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This young boy has lost his parents to AIDs. Ah Long is only 6 years old. He was born with HIV. He lives in his parents’ shack in Guangxi Province, China. And he has to fend for himself because rejected by environment, most people are afraid to get close enough to care for him. His only friend is his dog.

The civil bureau provides Ah Long with 70 yuan monthly subsistence allowance. This is about $10. Surely, this is not enough for this little kid to live on.

Ah Long studies all by himself. He grows cabage and leek, and raises chickens.He does his own washing and much of his own cooking. His best and only friend named Lao Hei is the only close soul he has left. Long’s dog sleeps with his master and plays with him.

From time to time kind-hearted people bring him clothes, food and old blankets. One man, for example, brought Long 20 kilograms of rice and 5 kilograms of noodles. Another man brings him a weekly newspaper to keep up with the world’s latest news.

Source: english.people.com

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