Rapunzels - Fetish Way to Let Hair Growing

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I think these Rapunzels are holding onto some weird concept of beauty, which the rest of the world doesn’t seem to share: just cut it!

Never mind the impracticalities of having hair longer than your waist, it must be a real pain to wash, comb and move with. I imagine it would hurt like hell when people stand on it too. In my opinion, it is a scary looking fetish gone way too far. I think most of you would agree, no? Otherwise, please help me, inform me of this weird fascination with growing your hair freakishly long.

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qkjfiaosdn said...

I think these women are extremely beautiful. When it comes to hair I don't think there is a such thing as too long.
Most of the women in this pic are a great example of how very long hair makes an average looking girl look absolutely stunning

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