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What's it like to be chief of police when he was young and not yet graduated from college in a town full of armed criminals? What is fear?

"Yes indeed afraid. His name is also human, must have no fear. But what we desire in our region is peace and security," says Marisol Valles Garcia, shortly after the new role as chief of police in a small town in the state of Chihuahua , Mexico, Wednesday, October 20, 2010.

Aged 20 years, Garcia still has status as a student. However, Garcia admitted ventured into the police chief because he was tired overwhelmed with fear of terror for criminals who roamed the city.

At that time, Garcia was asked by a reporter from CNN Espanol about his impression when given the mandate to become police chief in the town of Praxedis G. Guerrero. Although only a small town, population less than nine thousand inhabitants, Praxedis including one of the dangerous region.

The city became the arena of battle two drug cartels, Juarez and Sinaloa. They have killed police officers and the previous mayor. No wonder when no citizens who want to become a leader in the security forces who controlled the city of Gangsters. However, Garcia ventured a dangerous position.

Garcia, who has a baby, said the situation in the city is indeed scary. "We're all afraid in Mexico at this time. But we can not let fear defeat us," he said after taking oath.

As Chief of Police, Valles oversees 12 police personnel. The first step Garcia ordered them to go check the houses and looking for criminal elements who last week killed eight people.

In addition, according to the Daily Mail, Garcia will pay attention to crime prevention programs in schools. He was trying to glue the relationship of a compact between citizens so that they will help to prevent crime.

"The weapons we have are the principles and norms. That is the best weapon to prevent crime," Garcia said. Science student is also suggested forming crime police unit cycling.

Courage Garcia became the leader of the police in a dangerous area that received great attention from the mass media and the public also in Mexico. "Are there no men in Chihuahua?" write a blog on the page Periodista Digital.

However, Garcia requested that the task must have the support of the entire community. He believed that women were fit to be chief of police, though with different approaches.

"We just talked to the community, to family, and give them confidence so they are no longer overwhelmed with fear and dare to leave the house," Garcia said.

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