Old New York City (Black and White Photos)

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Chorus girls arriving in New York City, from England, in 1926. George Grantham Bain.
View from Empire State Building to Chrysler Building and Queensboro Bridge. January 1932.
An old woman carrying a heavy load on Lafayette St. February 1912.
Suffragettes on way to Boston. George Grantham Bain Collection.
Huts made of salvaged materials. Notice the baby carriage. Photographed by Berenice Abbott. October 25, 1935.
School children around May poles in Central Park.
Produce market on Washington Street. 1952.
Grand Central Terminal. October 1941.
A row of hanging oppossums.
S.S. Coamo leaving New York. December 1941.
Clam seller in Mulberry Bend. Around 1900.
Camel cigarette advertisement. Times Square, Feb 1943.
Rear view of tenement, 134 1/2 Thompson Street. Lewis Wickes Hine. February 1912.
52nd St. and E. River. December 1931.
The Mall, Central Park. Around 1905.
View from 27th floor. December 1931.
Gramercy Park, Manhattan. Check out the decorative ironwork. Photographed by Berenice Abbott. November 27, 1935.
A girl carrying kimonos. Thompson St, February 1912.
Washington Market, 1917.
Italian Festa.

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