Jamie Aspland - The “Dolphin Boy”

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A four-year-old boy Jamie Aspland, who was born blind, has learnt how to “see” after being taught a language used by dolphins. The “Dolphin Boy” is able to tell the shape of the objects by using “echo location” technique. He was born blind but this therapy has given him a new lease of life.The “echo location” technique as part of an exciting technique pioneered in the U.S., helps Jamie utters tiny high-pitch clicks to rebound the sound off surfaces, and guide him round obstacles. Jamie has just completed his third session with echo location guru Daniel Kish, who lost his sight when he was just 13 months old.

Jamie’s mother Deborah, 39, hailed the treatment after her son was able to walk unaided to the park for the first time and even steered himself around a fence.

She said: “It’s changed our lives. The therapy has been a revelation. Since learning the skill we can walk to the park and Jamie no longer has to hold my hand. He even clicks to find out where the handrails are on our staircase before walking down unaided – it’s amazing.”

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