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This is the Sword of Damascus, made of steel under cultivation with a special technique so that the surface of who can have a very strong and sharp. Sword-making techniques are so secret that only few families in Damascus smiths are mastered, it's also why Damascus steel making techniques eventually became extinct.

Until now the most advanced metallurgical technology was not yet able to make the sword more advanced sharply from Damascus Sword. Sword of Damascus is the most sharp swords in the world, more sharply than the Japanese Katana and Kris Indonesia. In addition to strong, Damascus steel is also very flexible so it'a perfect for a sword or knife.

This sword can cut silk dropped upon it, is also capable of splitting other swords or stones without experiencing any damage at all. A microscopic study found that this pedang2 apparently have some sort of glass surface layer. You could say Muslim scholars in the Middle East has reached nano technology since a thousand years ago. Some experts claimed to have successfully created a modern metallurgy of steel who is very similar to Damascus steel, yet still have not managed to replicate 100%. Sword-making techniques, including one of Damascus Islamic knowledge lost. Swords, spears and knives left Damascus who are now scattered in various Museums in the entire world.

Damascus Sword

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