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If you are planning to retire at 55, then you should reconsider it as an old woman is still working as a waitress at the age of 88. Rose Donaghey who was born in Northern Ireland, has been working as waitress since she was a teenager.

If you think she has financial problem and has no choice but to work at old age, then you are wrong because she is financially secure and doesn’t have to work for money. In fact, she donates all the tips and money she gets to the church.

When she was asking for a job about 20 years ago, her boss thought she was asking a job for her daughter or her granddaughter. According to her boss, Rose has a great attitude and she never quits; she is the best employee she’s ever had.

Although Rose is 88-year-old but she feels like 50 only and she says the hard work keeps her young.

So, young men, don’t keep planning for early retirement, you will look old and feel old if you are not working.

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