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If we talk about Smallville, maybe what happened next is not talking about this TV series. But, we are going to talk about Lana Lang, it means we are talking about Kristin Kreuk. Yes, we are talking about Kristin Kreuk beautiful face. So, Look at Kristin Kreuk Beautiful Face to get your own opinion.
If Aishwarya Rai is famous for her beautiful eyes, Kristin Kreuk also has eyes that can be called beautiful (though not the most beautiful). But the most prominent of the Kristin Kreuk beautiful face is her lips and hair. Look, a strand of black hair that is very fitting on a beautiful face. Maybe if people think about Kristin Kreuk, must be reminded of her black hair (don't make it Blonde, Kristin).
Now, we are talking about the lips of Kristin Kreuk, What would you say?, Sexy!. Look at Kristin Kreuk wet lips, this is what makes many people conclude that Kristin Kreuk has done  a plastic surgery. People opinions of Kristin Kreuk beautiful face are normal, So, Look at Kristin Kreuk Beautiful Face, so you will have your own Kristin Kreuk beautiful face value.
Kristin Kreuk (or Kristin Laura Kreuk, who also has a cute face), was born on December 30, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One thing that makes the career of Kristin Kreuk skyrocketed is her role as Lana Lang in Smallville.
Read the main: Kristin Kreuk biographical article and Kristin Kreuk official website. Keep Look at Kristin Kreuk Beautiful Face. Kristin Kreuk images source: Miss.Marie, LabyrinthX and Tiger Fenix on Flickr.

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