Fatville : Town Only for Fat People

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Everywhere you look in Huntington, there are oversized people — in the cinema complex, outside Starbucks, squeezing into booths at Buddy's All American Bar-B-Que.

A few are just large, but more are properly obese — bulging out in all the wrong places and too big to run, jog, ride a bike or even walk without wheezing in pain. It isn't just grown-ups. Grossly overweight children waddle about clutching huge bags of crisps, their legs chafing at the tops and their tummies straining beneath stretched T-shirts. Huge teenagers slope about on street corners, smoking and drinking fizzy drinks from enormous containers. More shocking, though, is that no one's staring. Not even covertly. Because fat is normal here. Almost half the population is clinically obese.

Welcome to Fatville: Burgers as big as dustbin lids, coffins that need cranes, and obese children having heart attacks - it is the supersized U.S. town causing Jamie Oliver such despair

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