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Leaning Tower of Pisa (Europe, Italy)

The Colosseum (Europe, Italy)

The Tower of London (Europe, UK)

Big Ben (Europe, UK)

Westminster Abbey (Europe, UK)

The Eiffel Tower (Europe, France)

The Arc de Triomphe (Europe, France)

The Acropolis of Athens (Europe, Greece)

Frauenkirche Dresden (Europe, Germany)

Atomium (Europe, Belgium)

Tower of Belém (Europe, Portugal)

The Kremlin (Europe, Russia)

St. Peter's Cathedral (Europe, Vatican City)

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Africa, Egypt)

The White House (North America, USA)

The Statue of Liberty (North America, USA)

The Empire State Building (North America, USA)

Flatiron Building (North America, USA)

Yankee Stadium (North America, USA)

The Chrysler Building (North America, USA)

John Hancock Center (North America, USA)

Detroit Public Library (North America, USA)

Chichen Itza (Central America, Mexico)

Rapa Nui National Park (South America, Chile)

Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida (South America, Brazil)

Sydney Opera House (Australia)

Dome of the Rock (Asia, Palestine)

Torii Gates (Asia, Japan)

Ancient Kyoto (Asia, Japan)

Hall of Supreme Harmony (Asia, China)

Macau Tower (Asia, China)

The Great Wall of China (Asia, China)

The Taj Mahal (Asia, India)

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