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If you are afraid to fly long distances just because you can’t sleep or you get bored during the flight (even staring at the gorgeous cabin crew won’t do good after 12 hours), here’s a little something to think of. Air New Zealand has just pimped the economy seats on one of their Boeing 777s adding PC power, USB and iPod connections to keep you busy during flight, along with an improved sleep pillow.

Lucky travelers going from California to Auckland will hop on a Recaro-designed world class coach cabin that not only allows you to charge netbooks, smartphones or your new Apple Tablet, it features eleven rows of Skycouches that fold flat creating a small bed for two. The most interesting part about the Skycouches, you can buy the third seat for a half price, allowing you and your travel companion to take a short nap whenever needed.

The only drawback is that this freshly outfitted Boeing 777-300 will only come to New Zealand’s service in November.

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