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Erwin said...

Wow, it must have taken a lot to create this Hello Kitty car. She sure is an enthusiast. I wonder how much she spent on that. :p

Erwin Calverley

Patrick said...

The Hello Kitty soundtrack suddenly played in my mind after seeing this adorable interior. You’re really a Hello Kitty fan, aren’t you? There’s no doubt about it. :D I love your car’s interior. I’m sure Hello kitty fans will be really envious after seeing your really gorgeous car interior.

Patrick Gauer

Carson Wininger said...

Whoever owns this car is clearly a Hello Kitty fan. From the seat cover to the seat belts and steering wheel cover, even the gear shift and hand break are customized. One good thing about it is that the car represents you, and you can call it your own.

@ Carson Wininger

Clint Moore said...

Cool! My little sister is sure going to love this car. She’s a Hello Kitty fan and her room is filled with pink stuff. I’m sure she’ll be really thrilled if I show her this. =)

Clint Moore

Stelle said...

Wow! If there is a Hello Kitty airplane, there’s also bound to be a Hello Kitty car. Girls really love this, especially kids! I was amazed by Hello Kitty accessories! The customized seat cover, seat belts, steering wheel, hand break, the whole interior is covered with Hello Kitty designs! I guess if the owner of this car had a built-in portable DVD inside, maybe the movie that they’d be playing is also about Hello Kitty.

Stelle Courney

Dewey Setlak said...

Wow! This Hello Kitty inspired car really caught my attention. I agree with Mr. Carson. No doubt this car is owned by an avid fan of Hello Kitty. I bet this car would definitely be a head turner! This type of car really needs proper cleaning and maintenance from time to time. There are various sites on the Internet that offer repairs and maintenance.

Dewey Setlak

Nelson Heimer said...

That is really cute! Did all those accessories come in a single package? You really have a deep love for Hello Kitty stuff, eh? The best part for me would be the steering wheel cover. Doesn’t it look so soft for a very comfortable drive?

Nelson Heimer

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